Electric Humidifier Aromatherapy Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser Led Mist Fogger

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Characteristics and specifications:

Automatically change the color of the led light so you can choose the one that best suits you. 
Aromatherapy diffuser whose ultrasonic technology converts water and essential oils soluble in steam, improving and relaxing your mood. 

• Colors: Blue and pink 
• Tank capacity: 100 ml 
• Input voltage: 100-240 V DC 
• Time of use: 3-6 hours 
• Material: ABS and polycarbonate 
• Distribution time: 60 minutes 

• Humidifier: Humidifies the air of any room in summer and winter, renewing the quality of the air and adjusting the temperature of the room.
• For beauty: It is used for skin care, keeping it healthy and hydrated 
• Purifies: Neutralizes the air and reduces skin infections 
• Relaxing: Compatible with aromatherapy, relieving stress and stress 
• Decoration: Provides warmth to the environment of a room by adding perfumes or essential oils in the spray tank

The package includes: 
• 1 aroma diffuser 
• 1 plug 
• 1 measuring cup 
• 1 user manual

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